Esperer Nutrition's FORTITUDE: A Case Study in Cancer Nutrition Innovation


Esperer Nutrition’s journey from ideation to commercialization in developing the ES Invigour brand, a clinical nutrition solution for cancer patients.

NutrifyGenie AI Solution:

Ingredient Analysis: Conducted a comprehensive review of ingredients and bioactives used in chemotherapy support, focusing on maintaining nutritional balance.

Optimization: Identified and combined the most effective nutrients and bioactives to enhance therapy support.

Operational Execution:

Bioactive Analysis: Examined the pathways of various bioactives, assessing their combination efficacy.

Innovative Formulation: Developed a unique matrix combining MCT oils with selected bioactives to optimize nutritional support during chemotherapy.

Supply Chain Development: Established a robust supply chain network and secured necessary investment resources for production and distribution.


Product Launch: Successfully introduced FORTITUDE, a specialized clinical nutrition brand for cancer patients.

Business Impact: Achieved seamless integration from conceptualization to market, backed by a solid investor base and an efficient supply chain.


Esperer Nutrition’s FORTITUDE represents a landmark in clinical nutrition, offering tangible support to cancer patients during
chemotherapy. This case study demonstrates the power of AI-driven solutions, strategic operational execution, and the importance of targeted nutritional supplementation in healthcare.

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