Innovative PCOS Management Solution for ASEAN Countries


An exploration into developing a safe and effective PCOS management product tailored for ASEAN countries.

NutrifyGenie AI Solution:

Ingredient Analysis: Extensive search of over 800 ingredients, evaluating combinations through a toxicology lens.

Product Innovation: Disregarded commonly used PCOS ingredients due to toxicological concerns, creating a distinct and safe product backed by new science, appealing to medical professionals.

Operational Execution:

Bioactive Analysis: NutrifyGenie AI investigated bioactives, scrutinizing clinical and research studies. Found that popular ingredients posed teratogenic risks during the early, often unknown stages of pregnancy.

Pathway Innovation: Identified alternative pathways through the botanical kingdom, focusing on bitter gourd peptides and pumpkin seed extracts. This combination effectively mimics the AMP activation pathway, with no known risks, as these ingredients have been safe food components for centuries.

Strategic Manufacturing: Shifted manufacturing to Malaysia for better ASEAN market access, leveraging the AI's logistical and supply chain insights.


Product Launch: Successfully launched a well-optimized PCOS product, featuring excellent margins and supply chain efficiency.

Market Impact: The product is now a key part of the PCOS portfolio in select ASEAN countries, offering a unique and safe solution for managing PCOS.


This case study demonstrates innovative use of AI in identifying safe and effective ingredients for PCOS management, leading to the development of a unique product for the ASEAN market. The strategic approach in manufacturing and supply chain optimization further underscores the potential of AI-driven solutions in addressing complex health issues.

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