A Switzerland-based health-tech company wanted to create a nutraceutical business vertical and expand its market presence in India. The company was looking for a foothold in the nutraceutical space using clinically proven ayurvedic ingredients.


The Nutraceutical business vertical was completely new for the Swiss health-tech company and they wanted to differentiate themselves from others in a similar space by building and commercialising a novel product around clinically proven ayurvedic ingredients having high bioavailability. The company was seeking to eventually expand internationally and enter retail markets.


Nutrify Today created a pathway for the company through extensive product research, gathering of clinical evidence, concept development and portfolio building. They helped throughout development process, beginning with the search of innovative product formats, refining the taste and finally connecting the company with a network of scientists who drastically improved the bioavailability of the products. Additionally, Nutrify Today also helped to accelerate the company’s commercialization through a smooth supply chain network and unique digital marketing strategies.

Advantage of Nutrify Today:

Nutrify today helped the company to effectively permeate the digital market in both the Indian and International nutraceutical spaces with clearance from the Indian government regulatory bodies. The company has successfully signed up with the major international retailer (Walmart) and built an international network across more than 3 countries.

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