Diversifying Excellence: Jubilant PharmaNova Expands into Nutraceuticals to Complement Cardiovascular Expertise


Jubilant PharmaNova, renowned in the cardiovascular sector, sought to augment its portfolio by introducing nutraceuticals that complement its core strengths.

NutrifyGenie AI Solution:

Ingredient Analysis: Conducted an extensive review of commonly used ingredients and various bioactives impacting cardiovascular health.

Optimization: Identified a unique blend, including an ingredient typically associated with women’s health but also beneficial for cardiovascular systems.

Operational Execution:

Research: Supported the blend choice with comprehensive clinical research.

Innovative Formulation:

  • Identified ‘Quatrefolic’ – a specialized folate form, proven to lower homocysteine levels, thereby reducing plaque formation risks and kidney strain.
  • Combined this with a blend of omega 3, 6, 7, and 9, underpinned by clinical evidence for a holistic cardiovascular health solution.


Product Launch: Successfully launched ‘Multi Omega’, now a top-performing brand in Jubilant PharmaNova’s portfolio, exemplifying strategic innovation and market alignment.


Jubilant PharmaNova’s strategic foray into nutraceuticals marked a pivotal moment in its renowned legacy within the cardiovascular sector. Leveraging the NutrifyGenie AI solution, the company undertook a meticulous process.

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