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I ____ , pledge to take SAFE(Safety, Assurance, Footmark and Evidence) steps towards Responsible Nutrition.

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Initiative to Educate Industry about Responsible Nutrition.

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pledge to take SAFE (Safety, Assurance, Footmark and Evidence)steps towards Responsible Nutrition.I nominate
to be part of this #ResponsibleNutrition.
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About #ResponsibleNutrition

#ResponsibleNutrition is an initiative to bring awareness about the best practices in nutrition business – development, manufacturing and marketing of dietary supplements, functional foods, and nutritional ingredients for healthy living. Companies focusing on nutrition and nutraceuticals must concentrate on a single purpose, i.e. to help provide healthier outcomes. This single goal will help make the nutrition industry, a more evidence-based science working towards effective disease management and not merely an enhanced food support for some indications.


SAFE (Safety, Assurance, Footmark and Evidence) steps towards 


Purity and quality of ingredients helps build trust on nutrition products. Driving the industry towards a standardized analytical process ensures consistent reduction of toxins from ingredients. The smallest amounts of toxins can build up over a period. hence, there is a need for companies to demonstrate its efforts in screening toxins, heavy metals, and impurities.


A conscious agreement on standardized marketing, communication, promotion, and advertisings of nutraceutical products. Setting marketing communications guidelines helps to alleviate miscommunication or misleading consumer interpretations, resulting in abuse of nutraceuticals.


Giving confidence to consumers as the origin of ingredient matters for healthier outcomes. Addressing the last mile, traceability of ingredients gives confidence to consumers about the origin of ingredients, the environment and the ecosystem which preserves the property of the ingredient.


Science education behind nutrition products that drive purchase decisions. There is a need to treat clinical trials seriously and establish clear outcomes. #ResponsibleNutrition may add to cost of producing products, but as a responsible nutrition company, one must establish the process of clinical trials and its outcomes.

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