A rapidly growing cancer drug research company was seeking to expand themselves into the field of specialized nutrition for cancer and other chronic conditions, using advanced nutraceutical formulations.


1. To conduct clinical studies for the designed onco- nutrition products by leading research and development centres, followed by validation from expert oncologists.

2. To raise capital for development of a specialised nutritional product portfolio for chronic conditions along with Over-The-Counter nutritional products and market expansion.


NutrifyToday provided assistance for the development of product science through collaboration with the nation’s leading research and development hubs. They helped in acquiring grants and technical support from the National Research and Development Centre (NRDC) to conduct clinical studies. Next, observatory and efficacy data of the product was collected on a large scale, as Nutrify Today connected the company with a wide network of expert oncologists for a test launch among cancer patients. This resulted in establishment of product quality, regulatory clearance and helped the company bring in suitable investors for their product.

Advantage of Nutrify Today:

Nutrify today successfully helped the company diversify into the chronic medical condition nutrition space by building a large portfolio for both medical and over the counter use within a short period of time. They also helped the company launch a wide range of their products in four countries including the UK.

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