Euro Alliance Switzerland's NANOVEDA - Pioneering Ayurvedic Solutions in Innovative Formats


Euro Alliance Switzerland’s venture to expand its portfolio with Ayurvedic ingredients in novel delivery formats.

NutrifyGenie AI Solution:

Ingredient Selection: Scanned 2,700 Ayurvedic medicinal plants, selecting the best based on standardization data.

Innovative Formats: Recommended the use of nanoparticles to explore unique delivery methods like rapid-dissolving thin films or sprays.

Operational Execution:

Delivery Format Selection: Chose rapid-dissolving strips as the primary delivery format, utilizing standardized Ayurvedic nanoparticles.

Biochemical Pathway Development: Created a suggested biochemical pathway for products to ensure faster outcomes.

Supply Chain and Distribution: Identified a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) specialized in rapid-dissolving strips and distributors in the USA, the initial launch market.

Regulatory Compliance: Assessed U.S. regulatory requirements to finalize ingredients, leading to the development of a comprehensive portfolio at the selected CMO.


Brand Launch: Successfully launched the NANOVEDA brand in the USA, followed by expansion into the Indian market.

Market Impact: Euro Alliance's NANOVEDA brand, enabled by NutrifyGenie AI, has effectively merged traditional Ayurvedic wisdom with modern technology, offering innovative and effective wellness solutions.


Euro Alliance Switzerland’s NANOVEDA is a testament to the power of combining AI-driven insights with traditional knowledge. This case study highlights the successful integration of ancient Ayurvedic practices into modern, consumer-friendly formats, creating a unique presence in the wellness market, both in the USA and India.

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