Shield Healthcare's Pioneering Approach in Advancing Cognitive Care Solutions Through Tech-Driven Decision-Making


Shield Healthcare’s journey of market entry with an innovative cognitive care probiotic.

NutrifyGenie AI Solution:

Global Strain Ananlysis: NutrifyGenie AI analyzed global strains, guiding Shield Healthcare to select a unique probiotic for cognitive enhancement.

Operational Execution:

Research: NutrifyGenie identified a promising Taiwanese strain with significant research but lacking local approvals.

Positioning: NutrifyGenie AI then discovered an underutilized, locally approved strain, positioning it as the ideal choice.


Product Launch: sThe successful introduction of 'Cognibiotic' by Shield Healthcare achieving remarkable success.

Business Impact: The introduction led to nationwide expansion and additional clinical investigations.


Shield Healthcare’s strategic approach to market entry, guided by the NutrifyGenie AI solution, proved to be a transformative journey. Leveraging global strain analysis, the company selected a unique probiotic for cognitive care, combining innovation with a well-defined operational strategy. This case study underscores the synergy between cutting-edge technology and informed decision-making, demonstrating Shield Healthcare’s commitment to advancing cognitive care solutions.

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